Hello 2009!

Happy New Year Everyone! We hope to see you all soon!

Peter, Janell, Cedar & Bella


Stay warm everyone!

Brrrrrr.... Keep warm. Keep a shovel near by and most importantly eat something with high fat content to satisfy hibernation urges.

Cedar is getting very good at pulling himself up in his crib. It gets more interesting every day!


Ice rink is open, tree is up, coffee is hot...

The ice rink across the street in Sibley Park is open and it looks beautiful. I look forward to grabbing my ice skates and gliding with shaky ankles. Despite the below zero temps the rink has been busy and the lights remain on until 9pm. Come over, bring your skates and use our home as a warming house. The coffee is on. The sledding hill across the street is also busy but I would only go down after a fresh coat of soft snow. The hill looks icy and fast! Great if you are 10, but not so great if you are on the dark side of 30.

I put the tree up and it is a huge incentive for Cedar to get crawling. The house feels festive and the glow of the bubble lights on these dark nights sure has warmed my heart. We are looking forward to Cedar's first Christmas/New Year celebration.


Boy, almost crawling

Cedar is starting to take on the form of a crawler... it won't be long before he puts it all together and takes off for the stairs, door, dog, christmas tree (that I have yet to put up). Oh can't he wait until January 2nd?


Cedar & Santa

Well we went to see Santa today at Macy's downtown. Paul and Judy took Cedar and I - and besides the very long line- Cedar had a fabulous time. The display was beautiful- of course and I could go back just to look at that! The Santa was very good old fellow- I did not think he was going to give my baby back to me. He kept holding him, hugging him and even let Cedar pull his beard. What a fun day! Cedar had a good time and we have lots of wonderful photos to put in the album.
Now I am in the mood. Bring on Christmas.


If Santa reads my blog....

I want this necklace. Found on ETSY at LOTUS JEWELRY. I have been a very good girl all year- besides that time that I snuck some dark chocolate.