if you are out hunting and happen to see this one- send him back home.

In the Woods

We spent last Saturday night at Doug's cabin. It was wonderful to be out of the city and to be together. Alas- Peter is on the road again....


can you say YES ?!

Cedar is so lucky to have these two wonderful young women in his life. He glows when they are around. Thank you Augusta & Celeste! WE Love YOU !


Peter's Return

Peter Returns tonight - late. I miss him lots. It has been tough without him but we will make it through. He is a wonderful husband and father and a dedicated artist. I love him so much.
I hope today is not the last of this amazing weather. It has been just lovely although I adore the moody overcast fall days- perfect for journal writing and dreaming about a pair of boots that I can not afford.

Day Care & Canoe Ride

Cedar has been to his new "school" (aka- a home day care in the neighborhood). It is going well for him and I think he is a different child when he is there. She actually gets him to nap! Wow. He wears his Lightning McQueen back pack over there - it is within walking distance (nice huh?). Today (Saturday) Cedar went for his first canoe ride in one of Phil's handmade canoes. Rob, Rebeca and Evan joined us in another canoe and we looked at the fall colors from the water. beautiful!