Here is to Happiness & Health!

2010 is going to be a lot of fun and we hope to see you all often this year.
I am thankful for a happy and healthy family!
much much love,
Janell . Peter . Cedar . Bella


Cedar has a new cousin!

My baby sister Kate had a little boy today at 1:10! Congrads to Kate & Chris!! Everyone is healthy and doing well. Will update with name and stats later. Cedar's spotlight as the baby on my side of the family is now over. There's a new boy in town and we can't wait to meet him! Hooray!
UPDATE: His name is Deacon Glenn Wolner (I hope I spelled that right) 6 lbs 13 oz.


Cedar's Second Christmas

Snow, snow, presents, good food... late nights and lots of hugs. Thank you everyone for your warm holiday wishes. We hope you had a memorable holiday too! Love, Janell, Peter, Cedar & Bella



Grandma & Grandpa Vircks took Cedar to see Santa. Cedar was not completely happy with the seating- so i sat with him. We ate gingerbread and learned about snow globes! Thanks for a fun day!


We walked Cedar's red wagon down to the tree lot and brought home a really cool tree. We hope to make this a tradition- except using a sled in the future!


Ruth & George

My aunt Nancy Mainville has been so good at handing down family treasures. She is amazing.!! Here is a photo of my grandparents in the 40's. THANK YOU Nancy!

Thanksgiving & Kate's Shower

The Vircks family made it to Kaukauna for Thanksgiving this year! My sister Kate also had her baby shower. We had a fabulous time. Cedar had Jello for the first time- played some good cards, ate some fabulous food (thanks to Ethel - and Dawn's wonderful desserts), kicked back and visited. It was great to see my nieces and nephews- brothers, sisters, aunts, grandma.... Miss you all already! Happy Thanksgiving! And Best Wishes to Kate & Chris.


Cedar and the Big Rig

Cedar had his first ride in the big rig today with Grandpa Vircks. What fun! Thanks Paul!



This is Cedar's friend Gabriel. For those of you who hear me talk about him you can now see his beautiful smile. He and his mom visit us every Wednesday for snacks and play time. I took this image of him while Cedar was entertaining us all.
We love you G!


Who is this man?

If you guessed Rico from the Copa you are right! He is certainly not my husband...! HA! I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! Love Peter (Rico), Janell, Cedar & Bella



Halloween went well. Cedar managed to stay in his costume for almost 2 blocks before he started to try to take it off. He did have a lot of fun while it lasted. Then I gave him his first candy bar tase- KitKat- he loved it of course!


Cedar Sings

"Down by the Station" his favorite song....


18 months / 6 months

Hollye took the photo of Cedar at 6 months and just sent it to me. It amazes me- time goes by so fast! Here we are one year later. Cedar is such a big boy! I had to post this today.


Fall Update

Autumn is here and we have been loving it- even the October snow! Here are some photos of Cedar and Peter in the season.


Visit to Grandma's House

Cedar and i returned on Tuesday from a visit to Grandma Ethel's. We had a lot of fun! Happy Birthday to Grandma Schaus, Congrads to Terry & Nina and love to our cousins, aunts, uncles and siblings. There never is enough time to see everyone and we can't wait for our next visit over Thanksgiving.

Farmer Cedar


Sunday Play Date with Cedar

Last Sunday we drove around in search of the perfect park. We found one that was almost perfect- if it was not near a really busy road it would have been but that did not stop us. Cedar had a great time, the weather was beyond fabulous and we stayed a long time. ahhhh summer... isn't it lovely?

Green Day Gang

Last Sunday my brother, his son, daughter and three of her friends came to our fair city to see the fabulous band Green Day. They used our house as home base. I had a really fun time being around their 'pre & post concert energy'!


At the Park

Here is a photo of Cedar earlier this week, when it was nice and cool and overcast. We spend every day climbing around this equipment. Cedar was playing peek-a-boo with me in the photo.



one more picture...

I had to post this picture... she is SUCH a doll. I miss her already. Much love to you Sophie!

Trip to K-Town (Freedom)

Cedar and I spent last week visiting. We had a nice and relaxing time. Here are some pictures from our visit!

Jurnee and Allison

Dawn, Gigi & Grandma at Ethel's house.

Cedar had ice cream with the Grandparents in the big city of Freedom.

Heavy showed us the new garage for his company and gave Cedar the front seat! Nice ride!

Aunt Judy - of course- It would not be a complete visit without seeing her!

Thank you everyone for the nice time. And a big thank you to Ethel for having us- even though she "did not have any food in the house"- yeah right... I am still full. THANK YOU!


Mother's Day and the Blue Bomber

So sorry that it has been a while since my last post! We have been so busy going to the park and gardening. Cedar is running now and saying a lot of words. He still enjoys rides in the bike seat with Peter and is now sliding down the slide by himself. Here are a few photos, one from Mother's day and the other I took today. I am just loving this weather... how did I ever make it through one winter day?



Friends Gabriel, Cedar & Logan with mommies.

Grandma Ethel with Cedar

Peter & Cedar with the IBert Bike seat- our gift to Cedar.

What would a birthday be without cake?

Hooray! One feels good. Como zoo with Grandma & Grandpa Vircks!

What an amazing time we have had! Starting with Grandma Ethel & Heavy's visit last Thursday, a day at the MN Zoo on Friday, a birthday party for Cedar on Saturday and a day at Como with Grandma & Grandpa Vircks today (Cedar's actual birthday)
Thank you for all your loving support over this last year. Cedar is a happy and healthy boy with lots of loving friends and family- what more could you want in life (besides a full night of sleep..) ?