Big Boy Bed

Cedar now has a toddler bed -aka- big boy bed. He started to sleep much better at night so we took the crib down and set up the new bed. Now I am starting to imagine a real little boy room after this toddler bed. Peter has big plans to design and build a lofted bed. Can't wait.



There is not enough mom spit here to keep the pomp down. He wears it well.


The Summer Garden

I have been thinking about planting a vegetable garden instead of buying our CSA share. This of course will only happen if I get a new fence and raised beds and a little potting shed (like Sharon's).


ok, One more dress

I can't stop dreaming about summertime, gardening and wearing dresses, especially yellow ones like THIS ONE Can you see me in this one with a pitcher of lemonade in one hand and a plate of lemon cookies in the other? Oh hurry spring! By the time you get here I'll be thinking about long underwear and knitting scarves again!


Another Pretty Dress

Another pretty dress that I would like to wear this summer. I am thinking Yellow is going to be my color this year. I found this dress HERE along with some other amazing retro styles.


Robot Shirt

Cedar loves his new ROBOT SHIRT How did Santa ever know to shop on Etsy?


pretty dresses

This summer I want to wear pretty dresses like THIS ONE


Cabin Fever again

We need a good cure for cabin fever because it is running wild in our house. If the temps don't warm up we are going to climb the walls. Bella, Cedar and I need a good long walk in the sun.
Stay warm, eat comfort food and give lots of hugs already done.
Any other suggestions?