Cedar resting on my bed. Don't think he will sleep but we did plenty of whispering like this. So cute.


Peter playing in studio in December.


Halloween. Would you like some Candy?


Labor Day Weekend

Well,  I started my Saturday by moving out of my darkroom. Not completely out but enough to hand in my key. I am now looking for a new space to print- Any suggestions? We stayed home all weekend and I spent a wonderful amount of time with Cedar. I just can not get enough hugs... ah bliss...


Dad Is Back

Peter is back from Scotland! Cedar calls him "Dad" instead of Papa. It sounds so cute. They are both happy to be together. Two peas in a pod.


A visit from the Brandts and a Show

Dawn, Jurnee, & Sophie visited us on Aug 12. We took the train downtown and went to see Peter's group Rhythmic Circus/ Feet Don't Fail Me Now. It was fun to have everyone together in the big city! Cedar only lasted until the intermission but Jurnee and Sophia loved it! I think Dawn enjoyed it too!


Cloudy Day in June

It is a Mommy & Me weekend. Peter is away for a gig. We went outside between thunderstorms to explore the puddles and worms. Summer is lovely... I leave for France on Monday and will miss this little guy so much. I made this post so I can come back and see this little moment.


Cedar and Patience

This is the little girl that Nicole also watches. Her name is Patience and she spends a few days a week with Cedar at our house. They took a field trip last week to a sculpture park and Grandpa Paul took this lovely photo! So sweet!


big boy

even wearing undies most of the day..... yay!



My beautiful husband has been home for over a week. How lovely. He departs next week for a 3+ week tour in California and that is too long without him. Cedar and I are going to meet him for one week in LosAngeles. Perfect right? We will return to spring and a birthday! yay!
I love you Peter....


Cedar in March

He is almost 3! I can't believe it! Our family has been so busy. Peter is on the road to New Orleans and somewhere in Texas and Cedar has been growing... 2T pants are now short. Thankfully his birthday arrives at a season change. We are all going to Los Angeles in April for a week. I am going to work while Peter and Cedar play. Stay in touch. I'll post more pictures soon.


Winter is so long...

When spring finally comes we will wonder how we ever made it through! Peter moved his electric piano into the dining room and livened it up a little- but he leaves Thursday for Texas and Colorado. Cedar and I had a good weekend of hugs and kisses. I love that little boy SO much!



We have been busy as usual. For the past 6 weeks it has been nothing but trains around here. Nicole and Cedar grew some grass inside (and had to cut it). Cedar is getting so big. Looking forward to spring!


New Towel

Thank you grandma Ethel for the warm and cute towel.