hanging on to summer

Cedar insists on "mowing" the snow.


Winter Land

Well, we made it through the storm. It was a big one and everyone in the Midwest has a tale to tell about the "Dome Crusher Blizzard 2010". Thanks to my fabulous neighbors who used gas power to help dig out. Peter came home without a snow clearing task and he liked that.

We picked out our tree at the local A-Tree Service lot - within walking distance. It is up, decorated and the daily focus for Cedar. We are looking forward to seeing friends and family over the next couple of weeks. Stay Warm!



Another fun Thanksgiving in Wisconsin. Look at that car! Cedar had fun with his cousins. Hope to see you all soon.


Goo-Goo the orange bunny

Made by Orange Fishy designs Cedar found him at the Umber craft show. His eye fell off after the first 4 hugs. I have since sewn it back on, but love this picture of him. 3 days old in our home and very well loved already.

first snow of the season



if you are out hunting and happen to see this one- send him back home.

In the Woods

We spent last Saturday night at Doug's cabin. It was wonderful to be out of the city and to be together. Alas- Peter is on the road again....


can you say YES ?!

Cedar is so lucky to have these two wonderful young women in his life. He glows when they are around. Thank you Augusta & Celeste! WE Love YOU !


Peter's Return

Peter Returns tonight - late. I miss him lots. It has been tough without him but we will make it through. He is a wonderful husband and father and a dedicated artist. I love him so much.
I hope today is not the last of this amazing weather. It has been just lovely although I adore the moody overcast fall days- perfect for journal writing and dreaming about a pair of boots that I can not afford.

Day Care & Canoe Ride

Cedar has been to his new "school" (aka- a home day care in the neighborhood). It is going well for him and I think he is a different child when he is there. She actually gets him to nap! Wow. He wears his Lightning McQueen back pack over there - it is within walking distance (nice huh?). Today (Saturday) Cedar went for his first canoe ride in one of Phil's handmade canoes. Rob, Rebeca and Evan joined us in another canoe and we looked at the fall colors from the water. beautiful!


Franconia Sculpture Garden and Woods

Last weekend we went to Franconia Sculpture Garden near Taylors Falls. The blue sky was amazing. The next day we visited the sweetest little park in Clear Water WI. This is the best time of year to be out. Also- Peter got his cast off today! He is off to a gig (of course) but feeling much better!


End of Summer Update

We are ending the summer with wonderful memories of the hot 2010 season. Peter has a cast on his left arm, Cedar is so very big, Bella just turned 10 (see candle in hot dog) and I am hanging in there. I will try to post more often. Sorry for the lapse. Cheers to the last drops of warm sunshine!


Ethel & Heavy 7.31.10

We had a fun & busy weekend at Ethel's wedding. Congrads to the Greiners!
Peter played at the reception, Cedar and I posed in front of a corn field, my brother Ryan was the DJ, my nieces were flower girls, Dawn did the flowers, decorations and coordination(fabulous!) and the other siblings threw in their wisdom and sweat. Here are a few photos. I'll try to post more soon.


um yeah, enough with you. be gone. and take your little white fuzzy friends to another yard.



Ahhhh summer is here. Diaper and shoes. Perfect.


The weather was beautiful on Saturday so we hopped on our bikes and went to a little park that we call "Shady Park" Here are some photos from that wonderful time.






Sol Beads

My neighbor Stacy makes beautiful jewelry. We spent Saturday morning photographing her creations for her Etsy shop Sol Beads Jewelry Check it out. I even modeled for some of the pieces. Best Wishes Stacy!


More Cedar Pictures

Happy Spring

Can you see the grass under all the dandelions? We can't pick enough.

Cedar's Second Birthday

Cedar turned two on April 21st. We had a light dinner at 5:30 then singing, cake and gifts at 6:30. Thanks to everyone who came, called and sent gifts/cards. Cedar turned two with a lot of support and love. He had a great day.