Friends Gabriel, Cedar & Logan with mommies.

Grandma Ethel with Cedar

Peter & Cedar with the IBert Bike seat- our gift to Cedar.

What would a birthday be without cake?

Hooray! One feels good. Como zoo with Grandma & Grandpa Vircks!

What an amazing time we have had! Starting with Grandma Ethel & Heavy's visit last Thursday, a day at the MN Zoo on Friday, a birthday party for Cedar on Saturday and a day at Como with Grandma & Grandpa Vircks today (Cedar's actual birthday)
Thank you for all your loving support over this last year. Cedar is a happy and healthy boy with lots of loving friends and family- what more could you want in life (besides a full night of sleep..) ?


Easter Fun

Paul took this family picture of us on Easter. The portrait of Cedar was taken on Saturday 4/11. He went from walking to running. I will try to post more video.. gotta go catch him...