Oh those cheeks!

He woke up from his morning nap with these big red cheeks. So cute!


I won a give away! WOW!

One of my favorite blogs TANGLED AND TRUE had a give-away a day last week and I actually won one! Someone pinch me! This is the first time I have won a give-away and this one is for a fabulous kids clothing store called TINY SPROUTS I am going to get Cedar the hoodie in celery green.

Maybe I should send Peter out for a lottery ticket! I am feeling lucky!


Boy is Crawling!!

Cedar started crawling on January 3rd. He is loving his new freedom!


Cedar's New Sled- Made by Phil

Phil made this sled for Cedar. It is such a special creation and perfect for all the snow we have been having. He made it out of reclaimed lumber. Part of it is from an old chair that was at Umber Studios and lumber from his kitchen cabinets. Cedar really likes to ride in it. Thanks Phil! We love you!